Helen’s Before & After Photos


Here is my condo when we moved in. I was a bit nervous when all the boxes arrived about fitting everything in the condo.


These are the photos of how the living room was set up. We had a lot of books and DVDs and thought we were so clever to put that shelf in the middle of the room as a room divider/storage.


We bought a lot of stuff for Emerson. You can see in the picture we had a swing, a jumper and a playpen in the living room alone.


We got those white shelves behind me because we needed more storage but I don’t think it really helped.


The picture on the left are the first load of clothes we said thank you and goodbye to. The second picture are boxes filled with all the books that no longer sparked joy.


The picture on the left is how my living room looks. It pretty much looks the same today except we moved the little table in the back corner to Emerson’s room now. The second picture is the kitchen.


This is my bedroom. I don’t have a before picture but it didn’t look like this! We also moved some of those white shelves that were in one of the before photos into the bedroom.