Spark Joy Book Club | January 2018

Spark Joy Book Club is a small monthly book club reading books centred around joy. Each monthly meeting is held at different beautiful venues around Calgary. For our January meeting, we decided to meet at The Wednesday Room to discuss The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin.

All Work and No Play at The Wednesday Room


  • In the book, they talked about giving up a category of purchases that resulted in feeling happier. Have you experienced this?

  • Gretchen observes that "Outer order contributes to inner calm," and many of her resolutions are aimed at clutter-clearing. Do you agree that clutter affects your happiness?

  • Did reading the book make you want to try one of the resolutions? Which one?

  • What was the one most valuable thing you learned from The Happiness Project about happiness for yourself?

I've had quite a few people asked if they could join the book club virtually so if you would like to do so, please comment below with your answers to our monthly discussion questions.