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Kit and Ace Functional Freedom Series | Part One - Cleanse

The KonMari Method, created by Marie Kondo, encourages tidying our personal items by category, from clothes to sentimental pieces, to keep the ones that we value and discard the ones that no longer spark joy. This popular philosophy allows us to be mindful and focus our attention on what is most important. 

Helen Youn is a professional organizer and the first and only Certified KonMari Consultant in Calgary. She is passionate about teaching others how they can create a space that suits their lifestyle and experience the positive benefits of tidying up.

You can find her at, and on Instagram @sparkjoywithhelen. 

Ticket Includes:

  • Overview of the KonMari Method with practical tips on how you can declutter and organize

  • Demonstration of the unique KonMari folding technique featuring Kit and Ace's favourite Technical Apparel pieces

  • Tips on closet organization with take home material for reference

  • Q & A session

  • David's Tea and light snacks