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how to spark joy and organize your home

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Western Living Magazine article 9 tips to make your small space spectacular

Western Living Magazine

9 Tips to Make Your Small Space Spectacular

Design experts Helen Youn, Jamie Banfield and Wanda Weston—all at the Calgary Fall Home Show next week—lead you through big little living, room by room.

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Calgary Herald

Calgary’s Fall Home Show returns with a message of minimal and mindful living

Cut the clutter and right-size your living space, and your life is sure to follow. Mindfulness is a running theme as the Calgary Fall Home Show returns to the BMO Centre Sept. 19–22, with its trademark lineup of informative speakers, inspiring features and more than 200 vendors.

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Helen Youn interview with University District Calgary

University District


It’s undeniable that our modern industrial world has blessed us with many things — literally! No matter how conscious and conscientious we are, preventing stuff from entering our lives and our homes presents a struggle to maintain neatness.

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Inner-city living presents unique benefits and challenges for young families

Five-month-old baby James gurgles and smiles sweetly as he poses for a photo in his living room on the 26th floor of the Guardian residential tower. The downtown skyline full of skyscrapers serves as the backdrop, the streets bursting with life far below.

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Helen Youn on UToday University of Calgary


Tired of tidying up? Consider the KonMari Method

Tidying up may be the last thing you feel like doing after a long day. But what if you only ever had to do it once? Though it might seem too good to be true, Helen Youn, Calgary’s only KonMari Method certified consultant, is living proof that it’s possible. 

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Jodie Tilley with her children


Sparking joy: how one Calgary woman fully embraced the KonMari Method

Everything was overflowing everywhere, Jodie Tilley says, as she stands in the open-concept main floor of her 2,500-square-foot duplex in Richmond-Knob Hill.

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Vita Magazine

Spark Joy

Netflix’s Tidying Up series opens with “queen of clean” Marie Kondo eagerly exclaiming, “I love mess!” as she surveys a cluttered home. Our reaction to an overflowing pile of laundry or stack of dirty dishes isn’t quite as enthusiastic

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Avenue Calgary: Meet Helen Youn, Calgary’s Certified KonMari Consultant

Avenue Calgary

Meet Helen Youn, Calgary’s Certified KonMari Consultant

The professional organizer talks about meeting Marie Kondo, becoming a certified KonMari consultant and where she likes to shop for organizational supplies in Calgary.

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The Whole Family Happiness Project

Less To Fight Over, More To Love

Megan Kelly owns four bras.

The mom of three — Elisabeth (5), Sara (3), and Noah (5 months) — used to have more lingerie. Until recently, she had more of pretty much everything: clothing, kitchen supplies, paper, books, and toys for the kids.

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Helen Youn in Calgary Herald: Tidying Up can Influence Home Design

Calgary Herald

Tidying up can influence home design

Thinking of a home refresh or design? Maybe a downsize or upsize to a new home? Well, not so fast, say the tidying experts. A little spring-cleaning can provide a clear slate and a new perspective.

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Global News Morning Calgary

Organizing the Marie kondo way

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Helen Youn with The Odd Squad

Country 105: The Odd Squad

Helen Youn Interview

Our guest today is Helen Youn is a professional organizer specializing in the KonMari Method™. Helen found this method as an overwhelmed new mom after reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo and decided to make a change.

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CTV News Calgary

Feb 28, 2019

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Helen Youn in CREB Now


Go from distress to de-stress through decluttering

Too much clutter in your home can make you feel the same way you do after too much turkey dinner: stuffed and uninspired. Though it may have taken years to accumulate all those useful, somewhat useful and utterly useless items, you can get unstuffed in a fraction of the time by following a few simple guidelines.

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Calgary Home + Garden Show


Have you watched Netflix’s Tidying Up with Marie Kondo yet? If you’ve been inspired by the hit series, we’ve got exciting news for you: Calgary is home to its very own KonMari certified consultant, Helen Youn - and she’s presenting on the Home + Garden Stage at the upcoming Calgary Home + Garden Show

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Calgary Herald

KonMari consultant Helen Youn
 helps attendees “spark joy” at the Calgary Home + Garden Show

Calgary’s Helen Youn vividly recalls the days when her son was a newborn. She and her husband had previously downsized from a townhouse to a condo, which seemed to be in perpetual disarray. Being a new mom can be an extraordinarily challenging experience, and when you’re exhausted, the last thing you feel like doing is cleaning up.

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Jacqueline Rae Weddings - Vendor Spotlight - Helen Youn, Certified KonMari Consultant

Jacqueline Rae Weddings

Vendor Spotlight

With over 15 years of experience working in Fashion, Design and Marketing, Helen Youn is a professional organizer who specializes in the KonMari Method™. Helen is a master at guiding and supporting people through this life-changing journey while transforming their homes in the process.

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CBC Radio-Canada: ICI Alberta

Une nouvelle série sur Netflix relance le phénomène Marie Kondo en Alberta

Marie Kondo, c'est la reine japonaise de l'organisation, celle qui a réussi à rendre le rangement attrayant. Sa nouvelle série sur Netflix, sortie en janvier, relance le phénomène de la méthode KonMari en Alberta. Ce procédé consiste à ne garder que les objets qui apportent un sentiment de joie.

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CTV Morning Live

The art of tidying up

Marie Kondo’s new show about the art of “tidying up” is sweeping the nation. We meet a local KonMari expert who will teach us about the joy of cleaning up!

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Breakfast Television

‘Tidying Up’ Using the KonMari Method

Certified KonMari consultant Helen Youn shows us how to organize your life using the tips from the new Netflix series called 'Tidying Up.'

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CBC Radio: Alberta@Noon

Are you a Marie Kondo convert? How have your attempts at decluttering fared?

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Screen Shot 2018-12-05 at 8.28.46 AM.png

Perspectives YYC Podcast

Episode 10 - Helen Youn

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Global News Edmonton

Tips to tidy up your home

The Edmonton Fall Home Show is this weekend. Helen Youn stops by with some tips to tidy up your home.

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Edmonton Fall Home Show offers something for everyone.

Edmonton Journal

inspiration by design: Edmonton Fall Home Show offers something for everyone

If you’re just not sure what to get rid of, then check out the home show session on the life-changing magic of tidying up.

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Kari Skelton Blog

Kari Skelton


Having a clean house feels so good, doesn't it? Not just clean to the naked eye but really behind-the-scenes organized. Last year I did a closet cleanse and got rid of 266 items! (Read Closet Detox: Create a Wardrobe and Space You'll Love). 

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Helen Youn on Know Calgary 2018 Page 87

Know Calgary

home & life

The KNOW BOOK is an annual publication featuring 100+ dynamic women from virtually every industry. Every woman featured in KNOW has been vetted through peer-review. Because the mission is to showcase the best and brightest, the only way one can claim their slot is through nomination.

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Helen Youn with family on A Life in Progress blog

A Life in Progress

There are Many Paths to Finding Joy in Life: This is the One I Took

Before I became a parent I had all these big plans. I was going to take care of myself and not lose my own identity so I can be a better parent to my child. I was going to eat healthy and cook all my child’s food from scratch.

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Screen Shot 2018-08-17 at 9.47.43 AM.png

The Whole Family Happiness Project

Does it bring joy?

KonMari consultant Helen Youn helps moms find joy and reduce stress through decluttering.

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Here at Carda, we serve many blazing entrepreneurs who run enterprises of varying sizes. They succeed because of their ability to focus single-mindedly on their business goals and we applaud them for it.

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680 News

Radio Interview


CBC Radio: Alberta@Noon

Why is decluttering so challenging?

Avenue Calgary

How to get what you really want

Top tips from local experts on how to feel and look better and have a happier life, a cleaner house, more time and more success.

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CTV Morning Live

Organization tips

It will soon be time to pack up the decorations and to set yourself up for success next year, Helen Youn - Certified KonMari organization expert - is in with tips for protecting your decorations without taking up a lot of space.

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Neal's Yard Remedies Canada Blog, Tidying Up to Spark Joy and Promote Personal Wellness. Q&A with Helen Youn.

Neal's Yard Remedies


On today’s blog, we’re interviewing the first and only Certified KonMari Consultant in the Canadian Prairies, Helen Youn! Using Marie Kondo’s famous KonMari Method™, Helen works closely with her clients to help them transform their living spaces to achieve a relaxing home, and create a lifestyle that will bring them the most joy.

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Global News Morning Calgary

Time to get organized for fall

Helen Youn, an organizational consultant, joins Global Calgary with some tips on how to declutter and get organized this fall.

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CBC Radio: Calgary Eyeopener

Using Konmari, the Japanese art of tidying on David's desk.

CTV Morning Live

The Magic of Tidying Up

As Calgary's only KonMari Method™ Certified organizational expert, Helen Youn will be sharing secrets of the Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.

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Western Living Magazine

A KonMari Pro Shares Her Organization Secrets

When Helen Youn first read Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, she found it to be just that: life-changing. “I just became so passionate and talked about it all the time to anybody who would listen. I would recommend it to strangers at bookstores—I was kind of that crazy person who wanted to share the message!”

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Three things we learned at the 2017 Calgary Fall Home Show

The 2017 Calgary Fall Home Show just wrapped up on Sunday, September 24. It was one busy week for our team in Calgary

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Calgary Sun

get ready for autumn at the calgary fall show

It’s been a terrific summer, but like all good things, the end is in sight.

That means it’s time to get your home ready for the fall season and, ahead of the Calgary Fall Show, formerly the Calgary Home and Design show, three experts, who will be presenting at the show, offer these designer tips.

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Q&A: Helen Youn on the joy of cleaning up using the KonMari process

Right before her appearance at the 2017 Calgary Fall Home Show, Calgary's only KonMarie certified consultant reveals that decluttering isn't about finding the right hack but asking the right questions.

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Mint & Heritage


There are a lot of home and décor trends that come and go these days. But there is nothing like Marie Kondo’s organizational mantras that have transformed how people want to clean and tidy their homes all around the world. You may have heard it – it’s all about finding “joy” in the items we do keep. 

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Daily Hive Calgary

Local experts take centre stage at upcoming Calgary Fall Home Show

Some of Calgary’s top home, design, and DIY experts will be uniting at the upcoming Calgary Fall Home Show, back September 21 to 24, at the BMO Centre. The expert roster of homegrown talent are ready to offer up practical advice, tackle home reno questions and deliver inspiration for homeowners, renters and aspiring DIY-ers alike.

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Date Night

4 Ways To Transform Your Living Space This Fall

Blame it on the pumpkin spice, the chill in the air, the comfy knitwear or the candles, but there’s something about Fall that brings on the urge to cozy up at home.

Just in time to transform your home for Fall, the upcoming Calgary Fall Home Show has assembled a group of talented home & décor experts, ready to deliver inspiration...

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4 trends to watch for at this year’s Calgary Fall Home Show

Whether it's Tiffany Pratt's colourful take on the power of white space or Helen Youn's joyful view of cleaning you're sure to find more than a few helpful suggestions at this year's home and reno show.

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Calgary Fall Home Show

Get Organized with Calgary's Helen Youn

Fall marks a great time to get back into a routine and get reorganized. With September right around the corner, Calgary-based organizational and tidying expert Helen Youn, the only KonMari Method™ Certified Consultant in the western prairie provinces, is sharing some of her key home editing and organizing insights.

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Meet our newest KonMari Consultant helen youn, calgary canada

I have not always been a tidy person. Far from it! Growing up, I collected stationary and toys and stored them away because they seemed too precious to use. As I got older, those collections evolved into clothing, accessories, and makeup. I was more concerned about keeping my belongings pristine than I was about ever using them.

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